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Originally Posted by jonnylin1 View Post
omg, that red is amazing. what is the actual color name?

and did you bring it in with the jb+/if not they couldn't relate to it whatsoever? that is awesome that extended warranty still works...
I'm not sure what the actual color is called. I just went down to the powdercoater and asked him to show me the brightest red he had, and he brang out a bolt that was powdercoated with the color. It was a really easy process haha.

And about the jb+, I pulled it out just to avoid any headaches. It's literally like a 2 minute job.

And for the extended warranty, yea thank god. They also found an oil leak from around the oil pan, so they're fixing that too. I know dropping the oil pan has to be a pretty rough job, so the cost is probably crazy.

Crazy thing is, it's actually a Ford extended premium warranty. It also has a full maintenance plan as well. My dad's best friend is the finance manager at a ford dealer, and he called saying he just got the car as a trade in. I went down and bought it that same night. It was 100% luck that it happened to show up at his dealer, because I couldn't of imagined a more perfect 335i. It has the Coral Red interior, 6MT, and it's fully loaded except for the ski package. If I could imagine the perfect 335i for me, that's what it would have, and it's pure luck that I found it at my dad's best friends dealership. From what I've seen the 6MT with the Alpine White and Coral Red is pretty rare. I couldn't be happier with it .