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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Keeping unbiased & not dragging tunes into this (*cough*^^*cough*), essentially E85 gives us the ability to run very aggressive timing due to it's octane rating in our direction injection motors.

More Timing = More Power

There's a variety of blends that you can run (depending on which specific tune you want to go with ), but anything greater than 3 gals of E85 to a full tank of 91/93 will yield VERY noticeable gains. ALL the tunes work with E85 & at this time there is no officially proven upgrade for the Fuel Pump or Injectors, so don't even concern yourself with those headaches.
There is a proven fuel pump, and it is in probably around 5 cars so far, it just hasn't been announced on the forums yet, so stay tuned.

It also sounds cool when you press the unlock button on your key and its primes

thanks to MGallop

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