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I started out my freshman year in business and made the switch to engineering after that year. Now in my 3rd year in Mechanical Engineering (4th year total) I'm quite happy with the switch. I agree with most here. Only pursue engineering if you truly enjoy math. You will be using differential equations and difficult calculus in every course.

Not sure how the credits work for you, but I completed about 3 semesters with of business my freshman year and barely any of it counted towards my engineering degree. The math courses (Calc 1 and 2) didn't even transfer. If you have to start from scratch, that will be a very long commitment. Its definitely possible, but just make sure its something that you really want to do first.

I would recommend taking a few intro engineering courses and higher math courses (multivariable/diff-eq) to see how you like it. A lot of people think engineering is just building fun things to solve problems, but its a lot more tedious and difficult calculations.