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Originally Posted by Jack M.
Wow, I wonder what a metal analysis would find for that. I would be willing to bet it's not very well treated.

Looks like a lot of the grease flung away from the worm gear. Is it dry around the worm gear area as if the grease went away? I'm surprised that they didn't allow the gear oil from the t-case to splash into the unit and use that as lubrication instead.

It will be interesting to see what the used one looks like that I ordered too. Sounds like that is your t-case issue which needs to be addressed. Luckily that is something which can be easily removed if a modification were to be made.

I cleaned it to see the damages. It had enough grease for sure. Still not the TC oil but enough in my opinion... The worm gear is damaged but the gear it attach to is in very good shape, so the worm gear is metal but weak...