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Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
Should be fairly easy for people who doesnt have dual oil cooler...problem is i do have dual oc...but still it should be easy to find alternative location. Woot!!
When I was looking into the sizes and types of coolers as well as where to place it I contemplated cutting out a window section of the ER dual OC shroud. In fact when I was at the local Ferrari dealership for a promotion they had I noticed that one of the Ferrari race cars they had there had a set up for an OC or tranny cooler done this way. See the section in my Pic #1 & 3 of the OC shroud that is angled and funneling air toward the wheel well? Well that would be a good place to put one. Just cut window out of this. You could use dual tranny coolers this way too. Plumb them in series just like the ER Dual OC are plumbed in series.