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may i ask, what happened to your window? ive noticed that for me, i am able to put the window down from the driver control but i cant put it up, only the control from the rear passenger can move the window this a regulator problem?[/quote]

No, that seems like a different problem. The window regulator is simply the track/pulley system powered by the motor that pulls/pushes your window up and down. The regulator itself has no electric parts.

In my case, I was rolling up the window and heard a loud crack and my window would no longer move up (could hear the motor churning inside though). Once I opened up the door, it appeared that one of the cables on the window regulator had frayed causing it to get hung up in the motor and ultimately breaking the piece of plastic where the cable is anchored.

Ended up buying the Genuine BMW part off of eBay for ~$120 bucks as the ECS was going to take 2 weeks to get the part out to me. Got it installed just before the rain hit on Friday night.. whew..