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Originally Posted by e92driva
trade in that camaro and pick up an e92 335i (coupe).. You won't regret it man.

Make sure it has sport package.. Premium and Cold Weather are good nice to have. A MT also will make you love the car. iDrive is amazing and i wouldn't even consider a bimmer without it. Some people don't like it but seriously..its amazing. I think thats what makes the car. Pre MY 2009 E9x have the older iDrive but its still nice.

Tunes will add a significant amount of power. I have a Cobb AP running stage 1 aggressive with a bms dci and all i gotta say is damnnnnn.. makes the car a whole different kind of beast. Other supporting mods (DPs, and FMIC) will allow to to use more aggressive maps.

you won't regret trading it in man
Is it really worth picking up the coupe over the sedan?