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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
The fact that you are all missing
the reason Iran wants nuclear weapons, is the fact that Israel has them
It's the same rational as when the USSR and USA both had them
M.A.D ( mutually assured destruction)
If you know your foe has them, you won't launch your missiles at them, because you know they will launch their missiles at you
So it's a lose-lose scenario
But it's the best protection you can have

The only reason Americans don't want Iran to get the weapons, is that it basically means you can't f$&k with them any more, and neither can the Israelis
Just like the USA doesn't mess with north Korea anymore

It may suck, but I definitely understand their logic
THis is the correct logic.
And WE gave them great examples over the years.
We trashed Serbs for trying to keep the sovereignity of their own country, but they were weak target and it was "In your face Russia and China". Same with Iraq -- all that hoopla about the "Mission in Iraq" that could have been defeated by the Mexican Army easily. Saddam had no means of protecting himself and again, we marched in. Lybia, other Arab countries, and the list goes on. Then, we wanted the same with the N Korea and bam! they built the Nukes - game over.
We are talking trash (along with Israel) about Iran for past 5 years. If I were them, I would build it ASAP, otherwise, time is running out...