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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Help, I an trying to push the HU back in after connecting the technics harness but there is no room behind the HU I cant push it fully in

Am i missing a trick here?

The right side of this harness which goes against the OEM quadlock and all the wires are behind the HU and thus you cannot put the HU back into its place.

Move the above two mentioned Quadlocks + additional wires to the top of HU or bottom depending the room for access.
I think you have CCC and you should have climate control above the CCC.
In that case use the space where climate control goes and pull these additional stuff above the HU.
And gently push the HU back. If it get stuck than you have not created enough clearance at the back.

Take your time and use a torch to have proper insight to what you are doing.

All the best.