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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
True, but at that point I had no choice! Although in all seriousness, in my 4th and last session, I went 7/10ths and barely used the brakes and got by just fine. I was actually more consistent doing a constant 1:40 each lap.

My 1:37

ah, now I see some turn-in corrections, haha. You always looked too stable until this vid, and I thought it may be the car, but it simply was a matter of your balls dropping. Although I gotta say you had the right type of motivation for this; there's the Z4M carrot in the front that actually was decently quick (which you reeled in nicely), and I remember I was right behind you and thought "I just pulled 1:38; why the fuck did I not get any closer!..."

As soon as I get some time I'll upload the same lap from my car. Vimeo better or Youtube?