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Spacer Surprise - Need Opinions

I have been running style 230 reps for the last 2 years, purchased from a vendor on the board, OEM Concepts. The wheels have been fine, no problems and look nice.

I decided I wanted a wider stance, and my local shop attempted to put 10mm H&R spacers on the rear. The spacer would not sit flush with the back of the wheel because the inside of the wheel is apparently not chamfered (or chamfered enough, not sure) to mate with the chamfering on the H&R.

I am very bummed, as the 10mm spacer bumps the wheel out a perfect amount.

Does anyone out there have experience with spacers, and can offer me some advice on how to proceed? I've read some anecdotal posts that the H&R's are not the best option for spacers, but I don't know if the H&R's are the problem.

The other aspect of this that puzzles me is that the wheels have been on the car for 2 years: given that they are hub centric, I am mystified as to how the wheels can fit on the car's hub, but won't mate properly with the H&R hub centric spacers.

I would really appreciate some advice, as I would dearly like to resolve this problem and get 10mm spacers on the car.

P.S. I have 12mm H&R's on the front, and for whatever reason, the 12mm don't have the same issue as the 10's. I'm currently running 5mm H&R's on the rear, but of course they don't have a hub ring, and I don't want to use them as my long term solution. Unfortunately, the 12mm are not an option for the rear, simply a bit too much offset.

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