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Pulling to the left after changing to non RFT

So I swapped my tyres for non rft Conti Sport 5s today.

I noticed that they put the wheels on the other way round, as in the wheel that was on the front left is on the front right now. I've checked my tyre pressures, 2.4F and 2.7R - all good. Unfortunately it's still pulling a fair bit to the left.

I'll try swapping the wheels over again when I figure out how to do it with one jack(!) but in the meantime, has anyone else experienced this?

I'm loathe to get it aligned as it'll be close to 100 when the tracking was spot on before swapping the tyres. The old RFTs were worn perfectly evenly too so it's not uneven wear bedding in.

Any thoughts? I need to get this sorted before I end up only getting 4000 miles out of them!
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