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Originally Posted by Sparky68 View Post
Looks lovely mate, needs a bloody good clean though .
Love the wheels on the 335d.
I know, I'm enjoying dirty driving! Clean the d within an inch of its life so nice to keep this one dirty for now. Not keen on the colour tbh ( Jerez black, I'd say blue). A vinyl wrap will sort this soon and I'll get back to cleaning

Originally Posted by chedixon View Post
Very nice car, I love the look of the D though, I knowi should prefer the M but the white D is spot on
Know what you mean. I ponder this as they just dont compare at the moment but its an M3! It's the beginning of a project so going different route but still should stand out!
Originally Posted by skelts View Post
Nice cars, but can't help but love the wheels on the 335d still I'm normally not a fan of these but these I could do
Thanks Skelts. Do ponder keeping them but the m3 is hoping to be more moody with black wheels.
Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
nice pics....

any difference in performance when changing just the exhaust?

what exhaust is it?
Not noticeable just from changing back box. Think you have to change the cats on these to get any performance increase. Not sure what make. A custom full stainless.
Originally Posted by NotNormal View Post
Nick, both looking great, although I'm not keen on the rear high level roof spoiler on the 335d, but both cars do look stunning in their own right

Congrats ..... You're very fortunate, please for you
Thanks NN. Feel the spoiler suits the d, but prob won't re buy for the m.

Originally Posted by Kerr View Post
Certainly splashing the cash.

Will be interesting to see where it goes.
Lots of . Got quite a few plans

Originally Posted by andy9188 View Post
The exhaust certainly looks the part. Is it a full system or axle back? You will have to let me know how much you want for it when you get the eisenmann. I saw in one of your other posts did you only pay about 250 for it or something ridiculous. Any performance increase? Sound clip?
Axle back, although it comes with a full de cat pipe. Paid 320 inc post and the full x pipe. No noticeable performance but sounds good. Bit of drone at 70 but fine at other speeds, and if below 3k you can hear it but not anti social. I'll keep it when I get the eisenmann as sold my oem one but look on eBay, as some go for bargain prices.
Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Excellent buddy, the 335D looks the part IMO lol, but I Bet the m3 brings out the real smile!
It does feel special, but will really enjoy when I've tweaked it.

Originally Posted by Nigelo View Post
It's funny looking at an M3 and thinking it looks too reserved, due to a 335d sitting in front of it! B)
I just love the power dome bonnets!
Know what you mean, m looks a bit dull! The bonnet is the best bits of the styling IMO.

Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
Congrats on the new you dude!!! M3 looks a beast!!! Can't wait to see what else you do to it
Plenty planned
Originally Posted by Martin32 View Post
Nice collection of cars.
Where did u order the lci lights from?
As AWB, said german eBay.

Originally Posted by old grey steve View Post
Both are great in their own way Nigel, have to say on the 335d when you go for it boy you really do go for itit looks very intimidating you're very brave to of pushed the envelope on this but hats off to you as the end result is certainly very individual.

Im especially a fan of the wheels on the 'D' in terms of style and the way their finished as style wise they are a mirror image of what I was looking at for my 335i. Having previously had a set of genuine set of 19" BBS CH's on my old E46 330d with the genuine red centres I know just how special these wheels are and look. Incidentally they look to me like 20's

But look forward to seeing you on Monday with a nice Sport steering wheel in tow

Oh and the M3's a bit tasty too
They are 20s but reps. Hoping to get the wheel off tomorrow. See you Monday. Cheers Nick

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