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Difference between various Sirius tuner P/Ns?

Hi all,

Am considering searching out a Sirius tuner for my '09 335i (E92.) However the new ones are ludicrously expensive - over $900 from Tischer! I don't want it that badly! So I'm keeping an eye out for a good one.

Problem is, there's many part numbers floating around out there that look like they'll work, and I've been searching to find what the differences are between them. Some posts say that some of the older P/Ns can't receive "best of XM" channels is this true? Is there a list anywhere of what part numbers introduced what functions, or could someone give me a Cliff's notes please? For the price these things are going for I'd be disappointed if I bought one and didn't have all available functions.

It would appear that the latest P/N is 65129192274; did that p/n introduce any new features, or are there other part numbers that are exactly equivalent function-wise?

thanks much!