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What a fun drive back from ID this morning. Roads were great until Layton...and got messier from there. My wife called on the way, said we (I) had some snow to shovel when I got home. Oh joy. Said that it may also be a little tough for me to get to the house since they hadn't plowed yet. Even better.

First event was when a lady in a new Avalon pulled out right in front of me (35 mph road) without even knowing I was there. Totally clueless...and lucky I didn't hit her (good thing I switched to snows a week or two ago).

I watched a teenage girl in a Honda Civic do a epic doughnut on 1300 E slowing down for a stop light. Cept she managed to bounce a couple of wheels over a curb. She did drive right off though. Wonder if it damaged those ugly 19" wheels wrapped in inappropriate tires...

This was my next sight. Not easy to navigate the intersection with all the white nucklers driving around.

Driving past Discount Tire...seems everyone waited until today to install/buy their winter tires. No pic...but there wasn't an open spot in the lot and people were double parked everywhere.

Indeed, my street wasn't plowed. But no worries...BECAUSE SNOW PLOW!!

Neighbor was nice enough to clear some of the driveway, but we still received about 18" of snow on the Sandy bench. Best get my winder attire on and go shake some trees. Leaves + snow = broken branches. And below is the deck lights...

Who else had a great morning dealing with the driving public?
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