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Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
And its equally interesting to see the non-Dinan fans so vehemently knock the one tuning firm that's been tuning BMWs far longer than any of the newcomers. I suppose it's jealousy or just plain ignorance, but personally, I could care less what you and all the others who are just compelled somehow to throw in their unwanted opinions when the subject matter of the post has nothing at all to do with whether or not they like Dinan products. Nobody "knocked" the other vendors like the trolls here seem to be so eager to do to Dinan, but EVERY time someone mentions Dinan, the trolls just can't WAIT to tell everyone how "unworthy" it is. So the moral of the story here is if you don't have anything relevant or worthwhile to contribute, keep your opinions to yourself and avoid arguments like this one.
I don't care how much supposed tuning Dinan has done for how many years, their software should not be compared to BMS, Vishnu or COBB.

The other venders have been knocked, you must be kidding.

Ive owned Dinan software on BMWs and my opinion is that it SUCKS, especially after replacing it with another vender's software who's actually makes power. I can say this from actual experience. Have YOU tried another software brand on any BMWs you've owned? hmmmmmmmmm

The power (or lack there of) from the software is not the biggest deal for me but the prices they charge for software and hardware. Why is there $400 upcharge for software when you're already a loyal customer? Why does and intercooler have to cost $1700 when it's no better than a Helix? None of their pricing makes sense and really does nothing to help returning customers. Also, their warranties are not helpful as Ive seen several loyal customers get screwed due to hardware (exhaust) failures.

you and a few of the other Dinanites need to be dunked in a bucket of tough skin....thin skin is showing.
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