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Radiator spraying coolant

This is actually my fault. I was replacing the oil filter housing gasket and I tapped the radiator with the ratchet. I didn't think that much of it as it looked like it just barely bent one of the veins well I start the coolant bleed procedure and I hear coolant spraying. I just like wtf i can't get a break so now I am just thinking why didn't I just pay BMW the 500 to do this its going to cost me at least that much now!

Does any one have and advice. Apparently manual transmission radiators are very uncommon the BMW parts guy said there is only 10 in the US so it will take a while to get so I am out of a car for at least a week. I was hoping maybe someone would have a better solution. Any ideas?

Has anyone had any luck repairing a radiator/ would you feel comfortable fixing it or should I just pay the 350 for a new one?