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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
-2F6C is just the exhaust flapper. Did you unplug the actuator in the trunk to do the "exhaust mod?" If so at any point that's the code. Nothing to worry about.
Correct, but worth plugging it back in again if you are chasing codes. Running with the actuator plug unplugged will overwrite any of the 10 code history in no time. All good if that's what you need before a dealer visit , but a pain if you can't pull over immediately to check the code. Typically any codes raised would be overwritten within 10-15miles if this is unplugged.

Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
Sweet, thanks.

As far as 2F0D, im not the original owner, so im not terribly sure Ive had the car for over a year, though, and never got a water pump/thermostat replacement or coolant low warning.
From searching on the code there seems to be a number of vague suggestions to anything from water pump, thermostat to a software version issue.

Does the 2F0D code always happen when you start the car or intermittently? From looking at other reports on this the freeze frame does indicate some kind of flap, but AFAIK the radiator doesn't have any flaps? Is you car an Efficient Dynamics (ED) model and if so does the 335 ED have flaps on the front vent/grille like on some of the never models? That's the only flaps I can think of in relation to the radiator.

Does the radiator fan come on when the engine is up to temp?

Is the freeze frame data always the same percentage?
pulse-duty factor vent flap 30.08 %

If you are looking to dealer it for the HPFP then it's worth getting them to have a look at this as well.