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Refinishing BMW's Matte Interior Plastics - A Definitive Answer?!

Hello All,

Well, I think I may have found the perfect system to refinish our interior pieces to like new condition. What gets me so excited is that this company has a picture of an E39 dashboard as an example of its application.

I own two Lenovo ThinkPad workstations right now, and one of them is exhibiting wear on the exterior surfaces (especially the corners, from sliding it in and out of the bag. As I was looking for solutions to repaint the machine in an OEM-like fashion, I was struck by how similar the exterior of the Lenovo felt to the interior pieces on our BMW.


After talking with several reps, I finally have found the proper paint!!

I have confirmed with a sales rep that the paint we are interested in is the Alexit Comfort line of interior pants. And I was able to have the rep independently confirm that this paint is CURRENTLY being used by BMW for its interior peices. So that is exciting!

FYI, the current colors available are black and beige.

This is the first pricing quote I've been given:

342-44 Comfortlack $87.70 per gallon
345-77 Hardener $84.60 per gallon

Now that's an obscenely large amount of paint! So I'm going to inquire about possibly purchasing a smaller quantity of paint.

If I can order a smaller amount, I'm gonna do that, and try and refinish a decade-old ThinkPad and see how it compares to my factory matte black pieces.

If the results are good, I'll update with mixing instructions, painting instructions, drying, etc.

Let's put it like this--if you have an air gun, and your dealer wants more than $150 for the new part/installation, this is worth it. Heck, you can arrange a group of owners and order a gallon and have it sprayed.

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