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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
Thanks for the reply! Is there a way to keep the exhaust flap open with the actuator plug plugged in?
Yeah, do the hardware equivalent.
Unplugging the actuator and going for a drive is a good way to flush the error code history. I.e. clearing the codes using a BT cable or through the PROcede only clears the current codes, not the history. So the dealer may still be able to pickup tuner codes (if any are logged) if this has not been cleared.

Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
The last 3 or 4 times ive datalogged my start-up, it has always happened.

I do not think it does....? Or at least i do not notice it. I might record one of my cold-starts and post it up for ya.
You could try to reset the codes and verify that the code is gone. Start and stop the car and then re-check if the code came back?

Easiest way to check if the fan is working, is to get the car up to temp and then park up with the engine running. Wait 1-2 min, pop the hood and check if the fan is running. It may come on and off.

Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
Im not sure how to check the pulse-duty actuator flap. I got the code from the DME Code datalog channel. Im very new to the Procede and tuning as a whole

As far as the HPFP, could this be related to it?
Ah forgot that you're reading the codes using the PROcede. The extra info about the "pulse-duty actuator flap" is from using a BT tool. It still doesn't give you much more info and INPA may actually be better here. I had good experience getting more detail from INPA as it's able to parse a lot more codes and get sub codes with descriptions. Only issue is that the descriptions generally are in German. So it's still a long shot if it will get you any closer, so you may be better off getting the dealer to look at it unless you know anyone with an INPA cable.