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Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
FACT: most, if not all flex-fueled vehicles built after 2005 no longer use a flex-fuel sensor unit
Yes, but that's only because their DME's are now advanced enough to make big corrections instantaneously. Our Siemens DME's have the provision to do so slightly, but Octane levels in petrol do not vary that much until you add E85 into the mix, so a standalone sensor combined with the PROcede aids the DME tremendously. Also,You are not comparing apples to apples here. Do regular flexfuel vehicles run like raped apes who you substitute gasoline with E85? No because they run much more conservative tunes.

Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
FACT: Vishnu's system is the only dummy-proof system
I would call it the only "complete solution." Even a genius would benefit from it. I'll explain below.

Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
FACT: It's not hard to measure ethanol content of gasoline
Incorrect. E85 blends change throughout the year and Shiv did some testing that proved that its very difficult to predict when and how you fuel blend is mixing. He started a thread about it, I'll look it up for you if you missed it.

Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
FACT: all tunes now have some form of ignition control (whether optional or standard) to advance and retard timing.
Incorrect. PROcede and Cobb have full ignition control. JB4 cannot advance timing it can only retard it, and that's only if you have the latest G5 board. Previous versions rely on the factory knock sensor to retard timing

Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
FACT: COBB, BMS, VISHNU all have some form of E85 maps. If you're in doubt of running E85, just do it I've been running e50-e60 since January of this year and I can't go back to running 93 octane, It's addicting!
Awesome man! I wish we had E85 here.

Benzy - You are I have had this discussion before. I'm not really sure how anything you said refutes my previous post. My takeaway is that you haven't dynoed your car and you believe in logging. Who doesn't?
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