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WGPosition = Boost Solenoid Buzz

First off, id like to apologize for the number of threads lately (ive made like 3 in this section). Its just easier to discuss a single topic/issue per thread. The other threads dealt with some random codes and another that dealt with a misfire/boost solenoid buzz.

So, I ended up replacing all 6 spark-plugs and re-flashing the firmware and 9-10 Aggressive maps. I did about 10 WOT pulls in 2,3,4 and the car runs fantastically. Misfires solved! I figured out that one of the two codes i was getting was the exhuast-flapper, and the other is mysterious one that many people get. Best option is to go to the dealership for that one. The only issue i have now is the last one i discussed in this thread here.

I had really bad wastegate rattle with the standard 50% WGPosition so i went and changed it to 80%. This worked great, until i pulled into my garage and noticed the damn boost solenoid buzzing again. Im not sure if this is normal, or harmful.

Video (the numbers i say are the WGPositon %'s):

In this video, it starts out at 50%. At 30/40%, there is no rattle or buzz. You can see from the video that i randomly have buzz when at anything above 60%, it is not consistent, and can go in and out. What should i do? If i leave it at 50% (no solenoid buzz), then i get nasty wastegate rattle on cold-starts.