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Originally Posted by thatswhatsh3said
Originally Posted by BMW_Belgier View Post
This belongs in the "cheap" thread...

You, sir, are plain stupid endangering other people with that decision...
How is he stupid? I hate it when people who don't know shit about anything comment and try to talk other people down.

A non rft/ rft mixture is safer than having bald tires.

The sidewall stiffness of an aux rft system is comparable to that of a regular tire. Self supporting tires such as bmw's system have the equivalent stiffness of a regular tire but just with some support patches built into the tires sidewall OUTSIDE of the inner wire and the beading is a bit more tough/stronger to hold the flat tire against the rim.

I'd say, go with a tire that is non rft with a stiffer sidewall than say a 'nexen' tire. i.e. nitto neo gens, etc. then when the fronts wear out replace those. Get a spare and toss it in your trunk.

I'm going with the above solution when my rft's are gone.
what he said.