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Originally Posted by PorkRoll View Post
I am expecting there to be a learning curve!:thump: AWD is great, but it is time for a change. If I do end up purchasing, it is going to be a weekend driver as I work in the city and live in Jersey City. Curious, does it let the tires go from a highway roll? I am smiling at the thought of it....

Also, have you ever had the car on E85 or race gas? Aside from a different tune, is there anything else needed to support E85? For insistence, I had to upgrade the Evo with a higher pressure HPFP and larger injectors as well as an appropriate tune. With the 335, can you fill her up with E85(Newark Airport) change the map on the fly and be good to go?


Since all the upgrades I had to relearn overtaking. You'll be in trouble if you downshift, mash the gas and start changing lanes. I learned to change lanes first and then mash the gas Stock traction control was not meant to work with LSD so it lets some tire spin before intervening. You can spin in 3rd without much trouble.

No E85 or race gas, never bothered with it honestly. Car should support E85 the way it is, just flash E85 Procede map and you should be good to go. You can install their $1000 E85 sensor but I wouldn't bother with it.