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Originally Posted by joec500 View Post
The Typical Dinan Customer does not visit forums they buy something off the lot and would rather just have a dealer tech take care of their car if it doesn't work right.

Many, not all dealership techs will not work on a modded car. As there might be the occasional exception with Dinan not owning up to warranty claims, there are exceptions of dealerships who are mod friendly, but the general consensus is you remove mods when going in for warranty engine work. And the general consensus is Dinan will warranty their modded cars. As with anything people like to point out the exceptions to make a point.

I guess the Dinan Tunes are too mild to really cause any serious damage but if some freak accident, perhaps due to manufacturing etc BMW tries to blame Dinan, at least you have a more legit legal recourse, as Dinan has legally written and binding warranties.

I hate making generalities, but for the sake of this thread I will.

Typical Dinan customer:

High Income
Enthusiast, but not at the level where they need to know how everything under the hood is put together or how it works.
Loves PLUG AND PLAY, especially if they are not the ones plugging.
Loves Set it and forget it, and when the car acts up they just drop it off, you really can't have the dealer try to trouble shoot an issue with a car that has a procede or JB installed.

Typical Forum Enthusiast:

Various Incomes
OBSESSED with learning every nuance of the car
Generally (not always) on a tighter budget
More free time to visit the boards, learn and work on their cars.
OCD with a drive to squeeze every bit of performance within their more limited budgets (not always, but many times)

Shiv and Terry are going after a different crowd, obviously there will be overlaps. If the guy likes Dinan, good for him, he has a bit of money to throw around, but will generally get more friendly dealer support for his car.

At the end we are all looking to have a good time with our toys
Not bad, sounds about right but I'd add OBSESSED to both columns, at least in my case!