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Originally Posted by Ilma View Post
I have been driving with a bit of solenoid buzzing/farting for over a year now

No boost issues, but I am thinking of replacing them as preventive maintenance as my warranty expired recently.

IF you are not having any boost issues, then just leave them at 90% and live with a bit of wastegate rattle for now.

After all, you only hear the noise when you have the hood open so who cares?
I dont mind the buzzing, im just worried that its malignant to the engine. I can live with the buzzing, but not that horrid rattle on cold starts (anything over 60% gets ride of the rattle). So, if its not malignant, then i guess i have no reason to worry?

Also, what are you replacing the wastegates with? How much?

Originally Posted by import36 View Post
very interesting thread OP. i've had this buzz/farting noise for a while but never had any idea what might've been causing it. i've played around with the wg settings a little bit...but not enough to make the correlation like you thanks for the info. i'll try playing around with my settings when i have some free time to see if i can reduce the buzz...
No problem, glad to finally give back to the community? Let us know what you find out. I hope someone mechanically inclined can let us know if the buzzing/farting is bad, and if so, how to get rid of it.