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Very interesting question, I just spent a fair amount of change on a set of 18" O.Z. Ultraleggera's and 225/40/18 Dunlop Winter Sport 4Ds for my 328i Touring M-sport/6MT, about a week later saw an ad on craigslist for a '92 Range Rover in relatively good nick for about what I paid for the wheels/tires.

Had I seen the ad before getting the tires I'd've strongly considered the Rangie. Jeremy Clarkson said of this vintage Range Rover at the end of the Bolivia special:

"We've proven, that the least-reliable car in the world, is actually the most reliable car in the world."

I know though that had I bought the Rangie that the purchase price would most definitely not have been the total expenditure, I'd've bought winter tires for it and the maintenance would likely cost $2-3k a year. Would be able to go almost anywhere though.