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Thanks for your replies folks.

Never heard of VRSF before but just took a quick peek at their website. Looks like good stuff at greaet prices.

Seems that DCI and DP are the best supporting mods for JB4 and Meth. Those will be installed immediately with the JB4 and Meth. From there i'll probably get a FMIC installed. I work at a dealership and have access to the mechanics at a low labor rate and they probably won't want to deal with the FMIC and trimming and custom work. I wrench myself but why get dirty when you can pay a fraction of the price and have someone else do it.

I read a few people saying a 50/50 mix of meth and h2o isn't much of a hazard. Is this true? Of course i want to do it once the right way. If its a hazard, id rather do the trunk mount.

Price difference between a new JB4 and used JB4 is only about $100-150. If i can find a used JB4 with 15ohm resistor and G4 board, is there much difference between new and used? I've read about ISO boost and G5 board. Whats the difference?

Thanks again