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Never again will I sell anything privately!

I've never been one to sell anything, but since I traded in my e46 for an e90 335i, I just didn't need a set of winter tires that don't fit any of my vehicles anymore.

It was a decent set - BMW 16" steel wheels and caps, and Michelin X-Ice Xi2 tires in 205/55/16, and I posted saying they are for a 3 series 1998-2012.

So I posted them on (local classifieds) on the 28th of October (Sunday).

No responses Sunday to Thursday, then on Friday we get some freezing rain and snow. Friday I get 4 emails. Amazing how no one can plan ahead for the winter, but they have to wait until the first day it snows to start looking for winter tires.

1st guy: Has a 2007 X3. Asks me if they will fit. NO. They won't fit.

2nd guy: Hi I'm interested. Here is my number - call me. So I call him. He goes right into price so I'm thinking this is going well. We come to a price. Then he asks me if they are 5 bolt and I said of course. He wants to know if they will fit his MAZDA. **sigh**. NO. They are for a BMW!

3rd guy: Hi will they fit a 2007 325i? I tell him YES! And he never ever replies to me again.

4th guy: Hi will they fit a 1995 Acura? NO!!! Come on people it's not that hard to find this stuff out on your own!

5th guy: Hi will they fit a 2004 X3? NO!!! Why would X3 owners think sedan tires would be the same size? Plus I had the size in the add!

Sunday again... and now the snow has all melted. Kijiji goes dark for me again. Once again, amazing how people just can't plan ahead.

Then, yesterday we got about 8" of snow. I get another email: "Hi will they fit a 2002 325i?"

YES!! I told him I had them on that exact car (except mine was a 2005). They will fit. He wants to come by. SWEET I am thinking. I give him my address and phone number and then he calls me. He seems really unsure if they will fit on his car because his "mechanic" said they might be too wide. **sigh**. I tell him they are the exact same size as the ones on his car now. The rims are even BMW rims so they will fit. I tell him that if he buys them, I will even swap his tires for him. OK. He is coming by.

The guy shows up, and I try to park his car in my garage to swap the tires, but his all seasons are SO bad that I can't even get the car up my driveway. So that takes about 10 minutes and some pushing but we get it in the garage.

So he looks over the tires, and says OK. I said, ok if you give me the cash, I will put them on right now. He says he didn't bring any money.

WTF who comes to BUY something with no money? Did he think I would take Visa? OK fine. He asks if there is an ATM close, and there is, so I offer to drive him since my 335i is xDrive and has winter tires. Plus I didn't want him to drive away and never come back.

So we go get the cash. We get back, and I ask for the money and he tries to short me $50. I count it, point it out, and he coughs up the rest.

OK finally now I can change his tires. So I get my breaker bar and jack, and get to work. I loosen the four lug bolts, and then I go to get his lug bolt lock key from the trunk for the last one.

I open the toolkit, and the spot where they key should be is empty. OK awesome. he has no key. We dig all through his car, no key. So I load up the tires in his trunk, torque the 4 lug bolts I loosened, and open the garage door. There is nothing I can do without a key. He wants to check to see if he can buy one somewhere - and by now it's 6:30pm on Saturday. Nothing is open, and I tell him he can only buy the key at BMW.

THEN he has the nuts to ask for some of his money back because I didn't mount the tires. Luckily I had the money already, so just said, um, no.

Sorry for the rant, but wow I knew why I never sold things privately. People are just idiots, and if you are selling, you have to deal with them. Never again will I fall for that!