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Originally Posted by DanielGonz View Post
Is that square indentation on the pipe normal??
Yeh the indentations are completely normal, I was worried as hell when i first saw them lol. The reason they are there is so that the pipe can bypass and fit around a couple other object on the underside of the car. If those werent there then the pipe wouldent fit lol.
Originally Posted by PR3CI5N View Post
Congrats! Picking up my PE today
Nice decision, im already happy i did it, and mine is only a day old haha. worth every penny!
Originally Posted by N0OS3 View Post
nice, man! I hope to hear you around town flaunting it! ^__^
Hell yes man! i been driving very spirited around town haha. we gotta meet up!
Originally Posted by abhishriv View Post
haha nice man! i remember waiting at the BMW dealership while they installed it. My PE purchase was an impulsive one, i just called the dealership to ask them about pricing and they gave me an awesome one with install that matched many of the group buy rates ive heard of in my area. and then they said "we can order it overnight and install it for you this weekend if you like..." and the rest is history. i love my PE and im sure you will too!
It took forever but was totally worth it. I just had them shuttle me to a nearby mall lol!
Originally Posted by gds52 View Post
wow...congrats man !!!
I got my BMW PE installed in my 328i around a month back.

Please remember, there is some break-in period. The sound increases after the break-in period.
I noticed my PE sound increase after around 8-900miles.
As per different opinions the break-in period can be anywhere from 600 miles to 2000miles...

Yeh, already it sound amazing, i cant wait till its broken in all the way haha

BTW everyone!! I made a short little video (youtube) of the exhaust before and after, just to show anyone who needs a little help with the price tag decision and the worthyness lol. Here's the tag
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