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Originally Posted by cuiter23 View Post
You are right about the point that people who buy lower models like 323,325,328 or even the 330 are not looking for pure performance or speed in their vehicles. However, my 328i is definitely faster than most cars are the road and I can use the power efficiently whenever I need to pass or in a hurry.

A V6 accord is slower than a 328i in terms of straightline performance, 0-60 tested on a 328i is around 6.5s, and a V6 Accord is about 7.5s I would believe that my 328i can take a V6 accord on a track any day as well.

that part i bolded is EXACTLY what i was going for, trust me i can appreciate bmws (see sig) I LOVE BMWs 328 or m3, i love em all, and my mistake on the "accord" statement if that was incorrect, i didn't say that based on any sort of research. but what i was trying to state to the OP in my first post is NOT that a 328 isn't a great, car (because it is, or else i wouldn't own one) but it's that a 328/325 is NOT built for straightline speed and when it comes to daily driving (at least in my opinion) 15 hp doesn't make a huge difference in a daily commute agree?

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