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The Wife, The dad, The birthday and the NEW CHIC :)

Morning guys,

A short story for the Sunday morning reader...

Sometimes business is tough. I am youngish guy (27) and after uni have always worked in the family business with my dad. We decided to branch out into a completely different line and start a new venture from scratch. Seeing as it was my idea, I was set the challenge to raise the funds myself build it up slowly.

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions and take risks. So i made the choice a while back to sell my car. To beef up the initial investment. Sad but happy at the same time plodded on regardless. Stoical yet filled with optimism.

Whilst all this was going on, my Mrs and my Dad had been plotting along in some slightly twisted way to reward my enthusiasm by way of buying me a new (read old) car as a Birthday (early) gift.

Enter the NEW CHIC.

E46 M3
Carbon Black
MANUAL (read pure joy)
OEM 18's (currently on my CSL's)
Sat Nav
Heated, memory seats.
and most importantly LSDiff.

I could talk for hours about, purity and feel and prob end up using 90% of all superlatives known to man, but that would all be subjective.

Apologies for the rubbish pics. A phone is never the same as a proper camera.

Sorry the long thread. Stay safe.
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