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Lease deals

Roughly speaking, based on the UK tax system. a C63 or M3 will see you paying roughly 3000 more tax annually than say a 330d (fuel & road tax). For this reason, such cars are hard to sell and manufacturers and dealers have to reduce their margins to make them more attractive. They do this by hiding massive discounts in the finance terms, APR rates and residual values, which means that any purchase should be:
a new car
with as few options as possible (options don't get the massive discounts)
with as low a deposit as possible
with mandatory GAP insurance (to avoid being hit by the wildly optimistic residual in the event of a write-off or theft)*

Also, on such a lease there's no way to hand the car back early unless you want a very deep, cold bath (financially speaking).

Normally, a 36 month lease is cheaper than 24 months but in the case of these 'superleases' that's not always the case, so check for the best term economically.

In summary, thanks to consumers' overreaction to the previous Government's punitive taxes on CO2, cars with mighty engines and correspondingly high CO2 outputs can now be had on 'hot hatch' lease terms. Don't you love market forces

* Gap insurance is always way more expensive through a dealer. Buy through the Daily Telegraph's offers for a >50% saving on a 'return to invoice' policy.

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