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terrible experience. People are generally cheap bastards. If I see something I want on the classifieds and I know the price is right I just offer the guy asking price. Once someone was selling something I wanted, I offered him $50 more just to drive an hour and bring it to me. He doubted I would pay, I took a phone pic of the money and sent it to him. He was there an hour later. Money talks.

People always want to negotiate which generally pisses me off. You could list brand new wheels and tires on this forum worth $2500 for $1500, and someone would still offer $1000 for them. Ridiculous.

I was selling a motorcycle once, late model, clean with good tires for about $500 under blue book just to get it off my hands. Guy comes and kicks the tires, offers me $2k less than I posted the bike for. Moron. GTFO.

At least you got the cash.

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