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Good news!
I received and installed Rev2.5 (with 9-10 V5 aggressive FBO upgraded turbos maps) a week ago, but it was raining all the time so I couldn't do any WOTs. But it was dry yesterday and I went for a spin. No more misfires and limp modes!!! I did at least eight 3-4th gear WOTs and three 3rd gear WOTs and everything was fine. So it was Rev2 and/or old maps' fault.

However, I have some questions regarding 9-10 maps. It was written in the readme file that autotuning was switched off. So I set start boost to 70% and overboost limit to 18 PSI and did some data logs:

Boost is 17.9-18.4 PSI from 4.1k to ~5.8k rpm, then tapers to ~16 PSI @ 6.3k rpm. And in 4th gear boost is even higher.

So I guess autotune works? After seeing the boost, I set overboost limit to 19 PSI (left start boost set to 70%).

Some datalogs:

3rd gear pull (made 334kW or 454hp to the wheels with Performance Box):

As you can see, boost is ~19 PSI or even higher most of the time.

My questions:
1) Is this normal when autotuning is supposed not to be working?
2) What do you think about the logs? I don't understand much and don't know it the user adjustables that I set are OK. Maybe I can make it even more aggressive?

My mods are in the signature (all bolt-on's and RB turbos), 98 RON fuel (93-94 AKI).

Thanks in advance!
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