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E90 Complete Wheel Change and Spare?

My 2006 E90 330D SE has the normal non-asymmetric SE 17" wheels.
I currently have 225/45R17 (Michelin PS3's all round)

These had the RFT's replaced by the previous owner but I have no spare or jack.

I see various E46 model compact spares on ebay....
What will fit? I hear you can use spacers, where do I get them and what do they cost?

Taking into account I expect to be driving on the continent this XMAS (Poland) and I expect I'll need to fit Winter tyres... so in Spring I was thinking (budget allowing) I could replace the rear 2 rims with a wider 9J rim? (What are the options???) Will I need to change all round for instance? (Much as a changing all round to 19"'s would be cool .... it's likely to be above my budget)

If I switch to Winters now the brand new new PS3's can go on the front in the spring. (I had to change after a puncture though they were getting close tot he limit anyway so I replaced both).

So one way or another I need a spare..... and I'd like to upgrade the rims in Spring.... and of course without breaking the bank!