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Originally Posted by badgerbrock72 View Post

I've just ordered a set of 439's for my m sport, stuck with the OE staggered sizes. Insurance asked if sizes were changing, if not they weren't bothered.

Anyway, how did they all perform last winter (even though it was fairly mild)

Also, anything in particular I need to do with the type pressure monitor (
I drive)

What about storing the summer run flats, is it best to lie them on their sides on top of each other (don't have masses of room in my garage)




Wasn't mild where I live buddy

Can't really offer a back to back comparison with other winter tyres but IMO the Falkens were top notch. Until last year I hadn't ever driven anything rear wheel drive in the snow, plenty of front wheel and four wheel though. All I can say is I've not driven anything as sure footed as the BM with the winters on.

I was pretty much the only thing moving in my road which was quite funny. I wafted past several cars all stuck at the bottom of a hill in my village and honestly think without the winters my car wouldn't have made it off the drive. If it did it certainly wouldn't have made it back!

It's not just the getting going though, it's the steering and stopping which was also quite unbelievable. I'd say your more at risk of something not stopping behind you at junctions, roundabouts etc. so you have to leave room for others following!

Pressures I just used the normal BMW ones and storage I just stack the wheels one on top of each other with a foam mat in-between.

I will probably look to have a set of winters from now on regardless of what car I have in the future. Nice to know the family have an increased level of safety in the icey, snowy winter months.
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