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Originally Posted by KwlAznKid View Post
...a 328/325 is NOT built for straightline speed and when it comes to daily driving (at least in my opinion) 15 hp doesn't make a huge difference in a daily commute...
I think that's probably the kind of reasonable message you might have wanted to post to begin with in order to better address the OP's question. I don't mind people being critical of the 325/328 cars, but over-the-top statements like your original one do bug me a bit, regardless of whether directed toward the model I own or not. They just ruffle feathers and add nothing to the discussion.

Now, contrary to what some seem to be saying, I do disagree that there's no difference to be felt. Having owned my 325i for 2-3 years, I drove two different used 328i examples months apart from each other, and in both cases, though acceleration is not what I was focused on, my attention was drawn to the fact that the cars seemed to pull with a little more urgency as they approached and passed the 3K mark than I was used to with my car. Hp always gets more attention but I suspect the 15 lb-ft or torque might have had more to do with the difference I felt. Or maybe my engine is leaking horses. Who knows...