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OP - I completely get your frustration, but don't let the one experience deter you from selling privately again. I've sold a car on Craigslist along with a set of wheels and other parts and accessories for my old VW via online forums, all with no problems. I think if you put the right information in your ad, and ignore brainless responses, you should be able to complete your sale just fine. A few thoughts:

- If your price is firm, say so. If possible, have similar items that you can point the buyer to as proof that your price is fair.

- If it's wheels and tires you're selling, put the tire size and wheel specs in the ad, let them know what car(s) you know they will work on, and state right in the ad that they likely fit other makes and models also, but it's up to them to confirm compatibility *before* they contact you. If they don't, ignore them.

- For car parts and anything else where there's apt to be an enthusiast following, I'd much rather sell via forums like this one than deal with local classifieds or craigslist. I think you just have a better chance of getting good buyers.

- It was nice for you to offer, but I'd be extremely reluctant to go changing anyone's wheels like that. I wouldn't want to be on the hook for damage to the buyer's car if anything went wrong. I'd rather deliver the wheels to the buyer's house, possibly bringing someone with me for safety's sake, or to a dealer/repair shop and let the buyer worry about getting them on. If that's really enough to lose a potential buyer, so be it.

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