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hmm im pretty sure i put a post up from my phone...stupid thing..

i was gonna say when are you gonna bleed it then? u tried it on a jack again to see if it starts working? if it does just keep it at that angle, do the ventialtion procedure a few times (with leads on so battery dont go dead) and then bleed manually too......bleed that bastard

also put your car back on the dis, you can test the flaps, AND you have only 2 mixer flaps tht mix/decide the temp of the air, you should hear em slightly as you adjust the temp knob hot/cold...

the temp is is decided from 2-3 different sensors inside the the sensors too as you adjust the temp and see the adjust read right in general.....just to cancel thiings out....

i still dont understand how you can have a blocked core if the pipes are hot....!?

and i mentioned in the other post the climate control module......try the cheaper options first.....