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Good job. I could have told you from the start that the L7 mid in the center was not going to work. There definitely needs to be a tweeter there, that's why I recommend adding the L7 tweeter (if you are starting out with the L7 system). If you're upgrading from base or HiFi, makes sense to put in a coaxial from the start. One bottleneck your customer still has are the SWS "subs". There is a midbass hole they just can't fill. I highly recommend putting in some good midbass drivers, it makes a HUGE different.

Lastly, especially when you have a "pieced together" system like that, then level setting between the different MS-8 channels becomes even more crucial. It is also very important to find the right balance between amp gains and noise floor, as the MS-8's output voltage is definitely on the lower side.

Edit to add: Once your customer has worthy midbass drivers, you may want to look at doing the "kaigoss" mod as it is VERY difficult otherwise to get the midbass and sub to both play to their full potential and work together seamlessly.
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