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Originally Posted by nixta325 View Post
Hey guys

so i have a e92 rear wheel drive
my rear tires are basically bald and my front tires are perfectly fine for a while longer.

my question is do i put non run flats in the rear while i still have run flats in the front. or do i just put run flats in the rear again? does it really matter if i have run flats in the front and regular in the rear?

My plan was to put a wider tire on my rear wheels but the run flats dont come wider than a 255 so i would have to do non run flats if i wanted to make them wider.

give me your feedback thank you

All 3 series BMW's are rear wheel drive ( with the exception of optional 4WD or AWD ) with that said the rear tires can be any size you want as long as the front tires match or are smaller.

RFT do come larger than 255, I have 18" Wheels Staggered Front and Rear ( Factory option from BMW ) 245 REAR and 235 FRONT ,and yes they are RFT's.

IMO Run Flat Tires are not necessarly an ideal performace tire. I think the engineers at BMW were looking for a way to eliminate the spare tire in the trunk to make room for a battery thus providing a better weight distribution. Since the military adopted Run Flat technology the BMW egineers looked there. Just my opinion.

There are many benefits too not use the Run Flat tire There is only one benefit to running the RFT