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Originally Posted by joec500 View Post

Typical Dinan customer:

High Income
Enthusiast, but not at the level where they need to know how everything under the hood is put together or how it works.
Loves PLUG AND PLAY, especially if they are not the ones plugging.
Loves Set it and forget it, and when the car acts up they just drop it off, you really can't have the dealer try to trouble shoot an issue with a car that has a procede or JB installed.

Typical Forum Enthusiast:

Various Incomes
OBSESSED with learning every nuance of the car
Generally (not always) on a tighter budget
More free time to visit the boards, learn and work on their cars.
OCD with a drive to squeeze every bit of performance within their more limited budgets (not always, but many times)

Shiv and Terry are going after a different crowd, obviously there will be overlaps. If the guy likes Dinan, good for him, he has a bit of money to throw around, but will generally get more friendly dealer support for his car.

At the end we are all looking to have a good time with our toys
Thats funny because i have a very high income and I'm smart enough not to waste money. I have less than 1500 dollars into my car, I have zero issues or limp modes after 100s of quarter mile passes and i guarantee a dinan S3 would never even come close to performing on my level for more than 2X.. hell 3X the money. You definately shouldnt generalize. To each his own, but when Dinan guys act snobby, it will be even more of a joke when they run a properly tuned car.
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