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Originally Posted by smi1gj View Post
Thats funny because i have a very high income and I'm smart enough not to waste money. I have less than 1500 dollars into my car, I have zero issues or limp modes after 100s of quarter mile passes and i guarantee a dinan S3 would never even come close to performing on my level for more than 2X.. hell 3X the money. You definately shouldnt generalize. To each his own, but when Dinan guys act snobby, it will be even more of a joke when they run a properly tuned car.
Well a G4 program is a completely different story. My guess is most Dinan users are not interested to go so far out on the curve for a DD, at least in my case. Other brands that are cheaper I might add can do that and probably even better.

So you feel snobbed by Dinan guys? Funny I don't see much if any of that here but maybe you can read between the lines I don't know, but I've never felt other tunes were unworthy of praise and it's not obvious to me other Dinan guys feell that way either, maybe a few on the extremes but even then they mostly only come out when provoked or attacked.

As the OP, I'll say it's time the heal all this and get to the real with the cars we love to hate and then love again when we get behind the wheel and back on the road time and time again.

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