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Great review!! I have had my setup for quiet some time now and never wrote a "proper review". You pretty much nailed everything on install as it was very difficult, well atleast more difficult than most people think, to do the install properly. I too, did not want to go the methanol route but have a rear trunk mount sitting in the garage incase I ever get bored I'm using a very small amount of E85 (maybe a 30% mixture) and dont plan on going above that. Once you get your PTF map loaded, I think the car is going to be a different animal I have done ALOT of research with E85 and if I could stay away from it, I would. The power gains are too substantial to go back to straight pump gas and methanol just seems more like a hassle to me, personally. What till you get your car dialed in right and watch what those RB's can do buddy! If the car is dialed in right your car should pull all the way to 6500rpm's. You also will feel more comfortable hitting higher boost levels because, well, thats what you bought upgraded turbos for Congrats and hope you enjoy your new setup!!!
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