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I will just put it this way. If I did not have "all" Dinan mods ie FMIC, CAI, OC, FFE, and IC (Stage 3) on my previous E92 335i I would never have gotten a 2011 335iS DCT

Yes, thats right, because I had Dinan on my car I got brand spanking new and better car.

Same Stage 3 mods migrated over to my 335iS FREE OF CHARGE compliments of the Braman BMW. Steve Dinan was even nice enough to not charge me again for the stage 3 software.

Do I have Dinan software on my car anymore ? Its obvious not....I dont have to worry about hiding anything from the my local dealer anymore. The car goes in as it is with RENNtech badging

It doesnt matter if Dinan delivered breath taking power, it still will not be worth it regardless of their warranty coverage and FREE SUPPORT in the eyes of those who are advanced in tuning their own cars

Some of us, like myself, dont want to deal with the hastle if problems arise, its a matter of dropping it off to whoever and have them fixt it. This is why we paid the high price.

I, and many others, am not a DIY person, many of you are. I prefer to just give to someone else to deal with the headache.

I am a DIY person when it comes to computers so I totally understand where those negative towards Dinan are coming from. I also think they are high priced but I also understand where those are coming from that would rather go with Dinan.

If warranty was not a factor in this issue yes I am sure Dinan software would not have even been looked at