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n52 valve cover gasket

I just have my 08 328 with about 70k miles in for an oil change. The shop said I have a leaky valve cover gasket and I should get it replaced within a reasonable amount of time, like 10k or so the lady told me. This is a very knowledgeable shop (fluid motor union)....She also said the techs said that the valve covers crack on these engines and so they recommend replacing the valve cover along with the gasket when this repair is done.

Has anybody else had the cover replaced as well? Because if I replace the gasket and then the cover breaks I'm out all that money and will have to pay for the repair twice. My car doesn't leak any oil on the ground; what are the potential damages from letting a leaky valve cover gasket go too long? They are supposed to email me a quote but what have other people paid for this job, is it a DIY job?