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Originally Posted by o0timbo0o View Post
Pre March 2007 built cars do not utilise the Canbus protocol. You can tell this by checking your OBD port. If you do not have pins in 6 & 14 then you are running the older k-line protocol. BMW switched to canbus mar '07.

Whether this protocol suffers the same issue with key coding is a question I would like answered .. but the fix required would mean a completely new software patch tailored to an obsolete protocol and as its older than 6 years BMW deem it not worth the effort as it only covers 18 months worth of production. Whereas the post mar 07 canbus ones cover 6 years worth of production.

If you read this thread and some other threads carefully, you will find out that it does not matter if your car is Canbus or K-Line protocol. Keys can be clonned on K-Line cars as well.