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Originally Posted by scottp999 View Post
Would love to see a zoom into just the 3rd gear section. The aggressive maps are different, they allow for more boost and timing in the mid-rpm range. I have been running a PPS meth kit for a couple of years. Currently running a 12 gallon per hour nozzle. I always run a high % of meth, even 100%. I always run the meth as secondary octane (to pump 93octane) and charge air cooling. I would bet those timing dips would disappear with meth. Maybe not something you are interested in? I run about 18.5 PSI in the mid-range that comes down to high 16, low 17 around 6700 rpm.

Maybe attach a screen print of your user settings?
Here are the same runs in the same order, just zoomed 3rd gear:







I will make a printscreen of user adjustable settings tomorrow.

I wasn't planning to go with meth... All this installation, tanks in the trunk... I don't like it. Moreover, it is not so easy to buy meth in my country.

This really sucks. I was so hoping everything would be fine after I install RB turbos. But no... So many problems with this car I will start to hate it soon.
Speaking about those timing dops: as far as I remember I always had them. Ever since I bought Procede long time ago. And even with autotuning maps.
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