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Shift S3ctor - Coalinga Event - Comments Thread (not matchups)

(please only comment about the event - hopefully the shift s3ctor crew will find this to be an easy place to collect feedback)

First and foremost ... Thanks to Ryan and the Shift-S3ctor crew full putting a great, safe and fun event.

I was only there on Saturday, so my feedback only pertains to what I saw that day. You couldn't have asked for better weather or a nicer runway. The dust took a while to run off, but by the end of the day there were some clear running lines.

Just a few comments:
#1 - It was harder for the outside car to make the turn and line up with inside car if the inside car decides to get to speed sooner than you when you've straighten out. I found myself drifting the turn trying to get square with the inside car (turning and accelerating on the dusty, painted lines causes traction issues). The other problem is that you are really running up into the other car and it feels like you're jumping the gun when you're really trying to make it even.

#2 - Towards the end of the day, I heard more people started to complain about starting up, moving down the line 2-3 cars lengths and then turning off the engine. This would go on for about 30-40 minutes until it was your turn. At the end of the day, myself and others just parked ourselves inline and waited for the line to move ahead about 20 car lengths before we move the line down. No issues here, but those of us in the back of the line felt it was more efficient than just sitting in the car and not watching the cars go by.

A couple recommendations:
- Regarding #1 - it should be the outside car's job to get to speed and the inside car to stay square with the outside car. This is a simple rule of courtesy that should be stated in the driver's meeting. I think it will also allow for more of the races to have even starts.

- Regarding #2 - Do what baseball does
"You're at bat" - line the cars up straight on the runway - like the trona event.
"You're on deck" - you're close to the starting cars - when those cars take off you can let them get lined up and ready to go
"You're in the hole" - you are staged right behind the cars that are "on deck"

The cars can line up and stack on the access way. The only cars responsible for moving are those next in line to get "in the hole". The rest of the cars can stay, shutdown, cool off or whatever.

I think this will allow you to make more runs per hours and allow people to find match ups faster.

- In the Paddocks - perhaps consider staging areas by horsepower that way its easier to find people to match up with. The place is small enough that "crews" can move between cars and most larger "crews" were sponsors and had their own space anyways.

- Last recommendation - on the access way you can be 3 cars wide. The first two cars width should be used for matching up. If there are two cars there that are side by side, they are matched. If there is no one to the right of the main line, then he's free for a match up. This will leave the 3rd line of cars to be used as an access way for the Shift S3ctor staff - i've seen them run through to get stuff to the staging areas.

I want to make sure that this is taken as positive feedback. I'm very satisfied with the event, I would love to see it even better the next time.

(count me in as one of the first to pre-register for it).

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